Thought for the day 17 December

17 December

When I was a student at Glasgow Uni, one particularly dreich November day one of the lecturers advised us to go to the Hunterian Gallery (free to students), find a picture with lots of yellow in it, and contemplate it for a while, allowing the colour to stimulate serotonin in the brain, and help us to feel better. There is widespread belief, and scientific evidence, that a lack of sunshine pulls people down (SAD syndrome), but bright colour (like yellow) can help lift our mood. The lack of daylight, and the winter Solstice have, since at least the Neolithic period, been marked by most cultures, and many religious traditions have a festival around this time of the year involving light. There is again cloud and some rain today (with the occasional bright spell). Are you feeling down? Do you know someone else who is feeling down? As well as having a chat (on the phone? at the door? – and find something ‘cheery’ to talk about!), make the most of any sunny intervals, and find something bright (white, yellow?) and contemplate it for a while. Wear something bright. Take in the brightness and colour of the Christmas lights


Lord, thank you for light amid the winter gloom, for the coming Solstice and long journey back to Summer. Help us when the Winter gloom is getting to us, and help us to help others when they are suffering too


PS I’ll attach photos taken yesterday of the Leven edging over the Quay

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