Thought for the day 9 December

9 December

It was announced yesterday that we are going back to Tier 3 on Friday. Not quite ‘let’s get the bunting out’, but still better than being in Tier 4. The infection rate seems to have come down significantly over the last few weeks, but presumably the authorities are worried that relaxing the restrictions too quickly could send it back up again – particularly with the prospect of seasonal shopping/ gatherings/ celebrations. It will probably be encouraging news for some shop/business owners, but for others will still mean losing custom at one of the most lucrative times of the year. The media may hype on about the first vaccinations yesterday, but restrictions – and the need for restrictions/ taking care – still go on


Lord, we are glad that numbers of infections have come down. Help us to appreciate how delicate the situation is – that if we don’t keep taking care numbers will soon go back up. Help us to remember those whose livelihoods are affected by continuing restrictions


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