Thought for the day 10 December

10 December

The news today seems downbeat on the likelihood of a trade deal between the UK and EU before the Transitional Arrangement ends on 31 December. Food companies say that WTO tariffs could mean price rises over a range of goods. Some of us may simply accept the higher prices because we particularly like certain items, some may switch to another product if it is cheaper. The last nine months have illustrated how many people (some in employment, some not) are living on a financial knife-edge, relying on foodbanks, school meals etc to feed them and their families. Their situation will only be made worse if prices rise significantly next month (and it won’t just be food prices)


Lord, as we consider the implications for ourselves of a ‘No-deal Brexit’, help us to remember those who will find tight budgets become even more challenging, and do what we can to help


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