Thought for the day 14 January

One of the activities which we can do for exercise (well, maybe not on a snowy day like this) is walking. Unless we have mobility problems, or stop to talk to every second person we meet, we can average about three miles in an hour. Over time that mounts up. If we keep a record of how far we walk when we go for exercise, how far might we have walked in a week, month or year:

Some local destinations: Glasgow: 15.7mls; Airport 12mls; Helensburgh 8mls

Other places in Scotland: Edinburgh 66.5 mls; Oban 77mls; Campbeltown 118mls; Inverness 153 mls (via A82)

Places in England: Manchester 232mls; London 415mls (via A66 and A1)

Places in Europe: Paris 715mls; Rome 1587mls; Berlin 1109 mls; Marbella 1853mls

Fancy a pilgrimage?: Jerusalem 3445mls


Lord, walking is a good form of exercise. It gives us the chance to meet and talk with people (remembering the Enhanced Tier 4 regulations, of course). We can take in sights, and sounds and smells. Help us to make time to walk if we can, and when we are out to appreciate the world around us


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