Thought for the day 15 January


It is generally reckoned that music reaches parts that other things (like words) cannot reach. It is used in many kinds of therapies. It can help to express emotions and feelings. It can help mould our mood. How much are we using music to help us during the pandemic restrictions? Do we listen to music on a regular basis? Do we try to make music (playing an instrument, singing) – provided we don’t upset the neighbours or the other members of the household it doesn’t matter if it’s off key! What kind of music are we listening to? Is it music that will inspire us, lift our mood? Or something that makes a bad day feel worse? Do we need to make a deliberate effort to address our use of music, and let it help how we feel?


Lord, music has long been an integral part of life and worship in many cultures, including in different branches of the Jewish and Christian faiths. It helps us to express how we feel, and it can help to lift our mood. Thank you for music and its powerful effects. Help us to use it wisely, for our good, for the good of others, and for your glory


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