Thought for the day 16 January


One of the activities that helped many through last year’s Lockdown was working in the garden. Given the weather in January and its impact on the garden (sodden, frozen or snow-covered) this isn’t the ideal time of the year to be going out and doing things in the garden. However we can still plan and prepare: what do we think we’ll need to do; what would we like to do; are there things we need to find out about (the internet has a lot of information – and if you are reading this you must have access to the internet!); are there gardens we would like to visit when easing of restrictions permits it? Even if we don’t have a garden, or have to leave it to someone else as we are no longer fit enough to look after the garden, we can still trawl the internet finding out about plants and gardens, we can still (even if only in our dreams) plan to visit some, and we can always get another pot plant with the next order from the supermarket (maybe some herbs)!


Lord, plants are soothing and comforting. It’s fun to watch them grow, to see the variety of colour and texture in their flowers and foliage . It’s fun to grow our own fruit or veg, or have a pot of fresh herbs on the windowsill. This is a wonderful world. Help us to appreciate it and care for it


PS Monday sees the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Local clergy and church leaders from Dumbarton Churches Together will be submitting Thoughts for the day during that period


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