Thought for the day 4 January

4 January

For some today is a holiday, for some it’s the first day back at work. For some there is no work, for some nothing to make one day any different from another. Some will have plenty to do in January, some may be looking for something on which to hang their days. Some will be looking forward to being vaccinated soon, with the prospect after that of being able to have a somewhat fuller life, others see only weeks of winter ahead. While it is still ‘New Year Resolutions’ season, is there something that we can decide to do in 2021 to make life a bit more fulfilling, give us a sense of purpose, make a difference to someone else’s life? Do we know someone who just can’t summon up the enthusiasm to do anything? Could that be our project (without being interfering or a busybody)?


Lord, a new year, a clean slate. What will we make of it? Help us not to fritter time away, but use it constructively, especially in ways that help others


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