Thought for the day 11 February


The sun is shining in Dumbarton, the sky is blue and the snow (such as we have) looks picturesque. The situation in other parts of the country (eg Aberdeenshire and the Borders) is rather different, where they have had heavy snow and very low temperatures. Key workers, including the staff driving the gritters and repairing fallen telephone or electricity lines, have been out and about keeping things going. Staff have travelled into work in shops and hospitals, and (even though there may have been a dip in attendances) the vaccination programme has continued. We appreciate all the work they do, and the discomfort they accept to do it, for our good


Lord, we remember all whose lives are affected by the current very cold and snowy weather. We appreciated all the key workers who are out and about in it, keeping communities gong. Keep them safe


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