Thought for the day 10 February


There have been headlines yesterday and today about regulations coming in requiring travellers from abroad to quarantine when they arrive in this country. For many of us travel to or from ‘abroad’ is not on our radar at the moment – if we could just go to Helensburgh, or Glasgow or Braehead… But there are also many people who have close family who live abroad (Europe, Australia, South Asia, North America etc) who have not been able to see them for nearly a year, and who may have to wait a lot longer before they can do so. For some it has meant not just missing family ‘get-togethers’, but also sharing in special family events like births, marriages etc, or being able to offer help and support when it is needed. Let’s remember them, and the challenges they face, and assure them that they are in our thoughts


Lord, we are an inter-connected world. Many people have close family who live and work abroad. Travel is not permitted. It causes stress, and people miss seeing each other. It is particularly stressful when there is a special family event, and they cannot be together. Be with all in that position. Help us to know how to offer support


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