Thought for the day 9 February

9              Safer Internet Day

Especially during this pandemic, millions of us have relied heavily on social media and the internet to keep in touch, to shop, to keep going. However, in recent weeks we’ve seen concern about the use of social media in trying to invalidate the result of the American elections and trying to undermine the case for vaccinations against Covid-19 (and in some cases the very existence of the virus). We have also been aware for quite a long time that there are people trying to groom children and vulnerable adults on social media, there is bullying on social media, and there are websites set up to promote ‘fake news’ or to encourage radicalisation. Today is the 18th international Safer Internet Day which is designed to engage with children, young people, teachers and carers in ensuring that there is an internet that young people can trust, and feel safe using. More information can be found at


Lord, the internet (including social media platforms) is a very valuable part of life. But, like so much else about life, it can be used to create harm rather than good. Support all who are working to keep it safe, to ensure that it shares truth and honesty rather than falsehood or hatred, and that users (especially young people and vulnerable people) are kept safe


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