Thought for the day 6 February


On Wednesday an independent report commissioned by the Scottish Government on the future of Social Care was published. Will it be turned into law, will only part of it be turned into law, what do people involved with Social Care think of its recommendations? Over the past year the role of the Social Care sector has been highlighted more than for a long time – maybe more than ever before – and some of the issues it faces including remuneration for staff. Most of us don’t know how either the Health Service or Care Service operate, though more of us are ‘users’ of the Health Service, so from an early age we are familiar with GP surgeries and hospitals. Becoming a ‘user’ of the Care Service tends only to happen when there is a specific need: some may need care from an early age, but for others it is only when Mum or Auntie can’t cope on her own that we have our first encounter with the system. Whether we are talking about care at home or care in a facility with support (sheltered accommodation/ care home) the system needs more support and co-ordination – and recognition of the valuable work that staff do. The report is 109 pages long (!) but if you want to read it, it can be found at


Lord, help us to appreciate better the valuable work of those involved in the care sector. Inspire those in positions of decision-making to look carefully at the needs of the sector, and the people who rely upon it. Where change is needed encourage them to take action, and not defer decisions. Encourage all involved to treat it as a cross-party issue, and not get caught up in party politics


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