Thought for the day 24 March


The Prime Minister reportedly said something in a private Zoom meeting, which he hurriedly retracted as being open to other interpretations, but somehow the story ‘got out’. How often have we said something that we wish we’d phrased differently, or not said at all? Years of hard work creating a relationship can be undone in seconds by a few words. We have to be carefully what we say. Maybe we also have to be ready to recognise that when someone else phrases something inappropriately, it could so easily have been us


Lord, what we say can be helpful and constructive, or divisive and destructive. Even when we don’t mean to hurt or cause trouble, mistakenly using a particular word or phrase can have that effect. Help us to be careful in what we say, and ready to understand that we can all make unfortunate but unintentional mistakes in the way we phrase things


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