Re-opening of Church of Scotland in Dumbarton buildings for worship

It is our intention to re-open the church buildings for worship on Palm Sunday, 28 March, at 10.30am. The service will be recorded in Riverside and streamed live to St Andrew’s and West Kirk, as well as the internet. Arrangements will be as in Autumn 2020 (face coverings, physical distancing, contact details, music but no singing).


If you want to pre-book a place at Riverside, contact Margaret Auld by e-mailing her at or telephoning her at home (but there will still be places kept free for people who turn up on the day). Because of the scaffolding at Riverside, access will be via the Castle Street door.


No pre-booking arrangements are in place for St Andrew’s or West Kirk.


If you would like any further information contact the minister or the Session Clerk


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