Thought for the day 4 March

4              World Book Day

“What are you reading at the moment?” a question asked in many Zoom chats over the last year. Most of us take reading for granted, and find pleasure and relaxation in it. UNESCO, the United Nations agency, established World Book Day to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own for pleasure – reckoning that ability to read and enjoyment of reading are the biggest indicators of a child’s future success. Most schools use it as an opportunity to encourage reading. So to the repeat the question asked at the start (whatever stage of life you are at) “What are you reading at the moment?”


Lord, thank you for the effort teachers and family put into teaching us to read (sometimes with great challenge), and all the pleasure we have had from that over the years. Inspire those who are teaching a new generation to read, and helping those who missed out ‘first time round’


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