Thought for the day 1 May

1 May

Today sees the start of ‘National, local and community history month’ – no I hadn’t heard of it either! So after you washed your face in the dew, skipped round the maypole, marched for workers’ rights or whatever, you might like to reflect on how you could learn a bit more about the history of your area. Here are some bits about Dumbarton that you might like to explore:

·         Dumbuck crannog

·         Blackburn’s aircraft factory

·         Carman Hill

·         The glassworks

·         St Mary’s College

·         Denny’s ship tank

Sometimes older people miss having family or friends with whom to share stories of common experiences. Allowing them to open up and tell their stories (maybe involving ‘hard listening’ on our part) can be a real benefit to them, and can also be enlightening to us. How many fascinating stories have been lost because no one recorded them?


Lord, we all have a life-story to tell. Some may be more adventurous than others, but sharing our story, finding someone to listen to it with interest, can be very beneficial. Help us to be ready to listen to others, to encourage them to talk, and with their permission at times be ready to record things


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