Thought for the day 30 April


As we have been enjoying a major easing of restrictions in Scotland this week, following the success of the vaccine programme and weeks of tough restrictions, we see terrible scenes of the virus surging almost-out of control in India, Brazil struggling, and Turkey entering a new lockdown. We feel desperately for those affected – those with the virus, their families and friends, and the medical/nursing staff. – and also helpless to assist them. Such scenes remind us that we are not living in safe isolation here: while the virus is raging somewhere in the world, there is the risk of variants developing to which we may not be immune, and our hard-won freedom from restrictions could be lost if we are not careful, and if the world community does not act together to contain and suppress this virus


Lord, we remember the people in places like India, where the virus is surging and healthcare services cannot cope – the patients, their families and friends, the healthcare staff, the wider population worried about community transmission. Inspire the decision-makers to take the right decisions to contain the spread of the virus and provide for those who need medical care, help and support if they have to isolate or live under lockdown restrictions etc. Support healthcare staff and carers who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Inspire the international community to work together and support each other in coping with the virus, particularly where there are surges of cases


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