Thought for the day 29 April


What is going on in the world of politics and political parties? At Westminster we have a slew of allegations concerning  the Prime Minister and some of his colleagues. It isn’t that long since we had a very public split between the current First Minister of Scotland and her predecessor. Now the First Minister of Northern Ireland has announced her resignation after most of her party colleagues expressed lack of confidence in her leadership. There are differences between each case, and we only know part of the story in each case, so it isn’t appropriate to comment on them in public forum like this. But why have they all come around the same time? Is it pure coincidence? Are they connected to next week’s elections (at least in England and Scotland)? Is it part of the fall-out from over a year of Covid-restrictions and the trauma of Brexit? When we look at the way democracy is handled in places like China and Russia, when we think of the sacrifices people made to give everyone here a free, secret ballot, are we all showing enough interest in and care for our democratic process? What do we expect of it, and of our politicians? Are there things that we need to consider doing?


Lord, most of us have views on all sorts of things, and they will differ widely. We like to express our opinions what politicians should be doing but we don’t have the skills or character to be politicians ourselves. We believe that you want a world with peace and justice for all. Guide and support our politicians through all the hard decisions they have to take, and the very personal abuse they can also face. Help them to see your vision for your world, and strive towards that. Help us to know what we should do to work for that kind of world too


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