Thought for the day 22 May


Apart from Covid and the 1995 interview with Diana Princess of Wales, this week has also had regular reports from the area sometimes referred to as the Holy Land, sometimes Israel/Palestine, on the fighting there. There have been casualties on both sides, including children and other non-combatants. There is no need to rehearse here the long story behind the conflict, the pain each side has suffered, the injustices experienced, the hardships many face etc. Can there ever be peace here? We hope so, both for the people who live there, and because the conflict in that land spills over into the conflict in many neighbouring countries, peace there could help to pave the way to peace in those other places. But it is a hard and difficult road to create peace. ‘Blessed are the peace-makers’, but they can find themselves being shot at from all sides. Many may want peace, but some with the weapons don’t. Let’s continue to remember the victims of the conflict, and all those who are working for peace and healing


Lord, the Holy Land may have seen more conflict over the centuries than almost anywhere else. Be with all those who are wounded from the recent conflict, all who mourn loved ones, those who are suffering hardship, or feel the pain of injustice. Be with those who are seeking to bring healing and rebuilding. Be with all who are striving to establish peace there and in other parts of the Middle East. Give them the stamina to continue. Help those with entrenched positions to be ready to accept that peace and justice are worth the price they are asked to pay

PS Soldier’s leap Killiecrankie

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