Thought for the day 27 May


I don’t know how many of us followed every moment of yesterday’s meeting of the House of Commons’ Committee enquiry, but if we missed any or all of it, there is plenty about it in the news today. Was it revenge and retribution, was it ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’, was some of it amplified or even made up, was it exposing mistakes and cover-ups? We may have to wait till next year’s Public Enquiry begins to get some clearer answers. Maybe there are various points to ponder arising out of this: how do we weigh up one person’s evidence against another’s; how prepared could any Government be for the sort of public crisis that we have seen over the last year; were mistakes made that could and should have been avoided; how do people who lost loved ones, or livelihood, or career opportunities, or suffered ‘long covid’ symptoms, or were among the ‘front line’ workers, feel when accusations of failures and cover-ups fly about – should they be offered support? And there is always the thought that, if we had been in charge, would we have done any better?


Lord, it’s always easy to criticise and point the finger at someone else. Help us all to learn from the experiences of the last year, and take positive steps to ensure that we are better prepared for anything like this in the future. Help us also as individuals and a community to support all who have suffered because of the Covid pandemic


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