Thought for the day 6 May


Election Day. We’ve been bombarded with stories about it for weeks (or is it months?), and now all is calm and quiet on the television and radio because broadcasters are restricted in what they can say on polling day. After 10pm tonight it will be back to bombardment about potential results, actual results etc. It’s easy to forget that in elections we are dealing with real people. Some are better than others at showing empathy and understanding with the electorate, but deep down all have feelings and emotions, and most enter politics because they care about their community and want to do something to improve it. MSPs (as that’s what we’re electing in Scotland) are expected to share their time between Edinburgh and their constituency, and to work at times which others would regard as family or leisure time. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges they have faced in recent years is the development of online, social media abuse. The old saying of ‘Sticks and stones…’ is not true – abuse and false allegations hurt. Whatever the outcome of the election, let’s remember and care for our politicians, whatever our personal political opinions


Lord, we may believe in democracy, but most of us are not willing to stand for public office. We give thanks for the willingness of some people to engage in politics, to represent us, and to engage in the process of government. Whatever we think of their policies and political positions, help us to remember that they are people like us, they have families, they have thoughts and feelings, and a right not to be abused


PS Sunset over the Summer Isles in Wester Ross

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