Thought for the day 5 May

5 Sun awareness week (3-9)

Amongst other things this is Sun awareness week. On Monday, with heavy rain and wind, we might flippantly have asked if we were supposed to be aware that somewhere in the far blue yonder beyond the cloud there is supposed to be a sun. It’s rather different today with sunshine flooding in. Maybe it’s because sunshine and heat are not  regular features of our weather that we are so keen to sun bathe as much as possible, and strive to get tans. Sunshine is good for us, giving Vitamin D, but it can also be dangerous, causing sunburn and potentially skin cancer. It is because of the risks associated with reckless sunbathing that the British Association of Dermatologists run an awareness campaign each summer, with a week specially designated at the beginning of May. The aim is to raise awareness of the dangers of sunburn and excessive tanning, to prevent skin cancer, and also to encourage people to know how to check themselves to spot early signs of it. For more information visit or


Lord, a sunny day like today lifts our spirits and we want to be out there enjoying the sunshine. But it can be dangerous if we don’t take the right precautions. Help us to be aware of the dangers of going out in the sun without protection, and of the need to check for signs that medical advice may be needed


PS Road from Achiltibuie looking towards Summer Isles

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