Thought for the day 4 May

4 Deaf awareness week (3-9 May)

During the last year, with mask wearing and keeping a 2m distance from people, a number of folk have realised that they actually have hearing issues – up till then they weren’t aware how much they relied on being close to someone, and to some extent watching their lips, to have a conversation. Those are features all too familiar for the many who were aware that they were living with hearing loss or deafness. It is estimated that around 1 in 5 people in Britain have hearing loss or deafness. It can cause loneliness and isolation. They can’t easily follow conversations, TV or radio programmes, lectures/talks, hear the telephone or fire alarm. The UK Council on Deafness are using this year’s #DAW2021 to focus on ‘Coming through it together’. We probably all know someone with hearing loss. Maybe we have it ourselves. Are we sufficiently aware of it as an issue when we are talking with others? Are there things that we can do at work, at home, at play to enable people with hearing loss to feel more included? For more information visit or


Lord, hearing is something that many of us take for granted: it is only when it begins to fade, or goes completely that we realise how important it is. Help us to be aware of the needs of people with hearing loss, remembering that it can affect young people as well as older ones. Help us to do what we can to enable people with hearing loss to feel more included and less isolated


PS Today’s picture is moorland and peatbog North of Achiltibuie

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