Thought for the day 2 June


It’s good to hear that in West Dunbartonshire we are moving next week to Level 1 (along with Argyll and Bute, and many other areas), but it isn’t a time to gloat, when there are neighbouring areas like East Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire that remain in Level 2. We’ve been there and had the t-shirt, when we were under greater restrictions than other areas. We feel their frustration and pain. Vaccinations are going well, but we are aware that government advisers are warning that a third wave might be beginning. Let’s hope people hear that message too


Lord, we want to express our appreciation for all the people working to contain the Covid virus, and all the sacrifices that the wider community have made to support each other. We are also aware that many are carrying severe scars from the impact of the last fifteen months, in terms of mental health, financial position/job etc. Inspire those in government to put the right measures in place to help them. Help us to do what we can to help too



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