Thought for the day 3 June


Media North and South of the border are commenting on education matters today: exam grade appeals in Scotland and the money available for a catch-up plan in England. Many of the comments tend to be phrased with a focus on party politics and personalities, rather than the situations of pupils, staff and families/carers. It has been a very difficult fifteen months for both – we applaud all that they have done, but we also recognise that there are ongoing issues that could continue to have an impact on individuals, communities and the economy as a whole for years to come. Can we achieve a consensus on what is needed, and how it will be funded?


Lord, we express our appreciation for the work done by teachers, pupils and families/carers over the last fifteen months to keep providing education to our young people during the pandemic restrictions. There are significant on-going issues that need to be addressed. Inspire decision-makers to work together on the way forward, and help us to know what we can do to support them

PS Photo taken in Kidderminster rail museum – sign a relic from a former era

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