Church of Scotland in Dumbarton

Thought for the day 15 April

The Office for Budget Responsibility produced a report yesterday indicating that Covid-19 could have a dire impact on the British economy, with many people becoming redundant. It isn’t a definite prediction, it’s a ‘worst case scenario’, but it still provoked some grim newspaper headlines today. It is likely only to add to some people’s worries about their jobs, their income, their businesses. Let’s remember them, and, if we can, let them know that we are thinking of them.

Lord, we pray for all those worried about the outcome of this crisis on their job, their income, their home. Help us to be sensitive to them, and supportive of them. We pray too for those in positions of responsibility that they will consider carefully the measures needed to ensure that people continue to have the jobs and the income they need.

Church of Scotland in Dumbarton

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