Thought for the day 30 April

When it turns cold we want some ‘comfort food’ to eat. When we are confined to the house for most of the day then, whatever the weather, we fancy a little something to eat, to accompany our umpteenth cup of tea/coffee or glass of whatever. There are health implications for us: exercise is all very well, but if you take in more calories than you burn off… But some people don’t have the food to snack on, and sometimes the food they have is not the most nutritious or ‘healthy’. It is a sad situation that in our town and country prior to Covid-19 many people were dependent on help from Foodbanks, free school meals, Holiday Hunger projects etc to keep themselves and their families fed. The situation has worsened. Fortunately there are people doing things to help, but they are struggling at times. In the short term can we make donations to the Foodbank when we go shopping? In the longer term can we lobby for change to eliminate this situation

Lord thank you for our food. Most of us have more than we need. Some don’t have enough. Help us to play our part in helping those in need. Thank you for those who volunteer with projects like the Foodbanks

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