Thought for the day 26 October

26 October

The media over the weekend carried stories about the impact of the pandemic on the health, particularly the mental health, of NHS staff. Although it wasn’t specifically mentioned, it seems not unreasonable to assume that the health of care workers, teachers and other ‘key workers’ has been similarly affected – through long hours and stress at work, any ‘underlying health issues’ of their own, and concern for family. The prospect of a winter of high infection cases and restrictions on what people can do with regard to socialising presumably means that many may once again (or continue to) experience an impact on their physical and mental health. We need to assure them that they are appreciated, the authorities need to assure them that they are appreciated, and if there is anything we can do to offer help and support (from a ‘wee treat’, to a listening ear, or whatever), let’s be proactive in doing it


Lord, too often we take ‘key workers’ for granted. Help us to appreciate them better, and express our appreciation in practical ways. Help the authorities to assure them that they are appreciated too



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