Thought for the day 27 October

27 October

There is a major public debate going on in England at the moment about ‘holiday hunger’ and extending the provision of term-time free school meals to the school holidays. Without getting involved in the politics, or the debate about the most appropriate way to eradicate ‘holiday hunger’ (important as that is), it has been interesting to watch the response of communities, businesses, restaurants/cafes, and individuals to the issue. They know that some who don’t need free meals may take advantage of their generosity, and some who do need meals (eg the parents) won’t receive help, but still they are willing to invest time and resources into putting together meals which may be obtained with no questions asked and for no charge. In a world that has been increasingly self-focussed and cynical, it is good to see that so many care about disadvantaged people, and are prepared to do something to help


Lord, we give thanks that people are concerned about children and families who are struggling to provide meals, and are ready to act upon their concern. As with Foodbanks etc these are valuable ’emergency’ measures, but we need long-term answers to address these issues. Inspire those in government to take appropriate measures to address the issues around poverty, and if that means we have to pay more in tax, help us to be ready to accept that


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