Thought for the day 26 March


Today is the 650th anniversary of the coronation of Robert II, the first of the Stewart/Stuart kings of Scots. Did you already know that, or is it your ‘useless bit of information for the day’? Each day we encounter all sorts of new bits of information – from talking with people, by reading, by looking at the world around us, by listening to the world around us, from the TV, radio or other media, and probably in other ways too. We remember only a fraction of all the information we gather each day – usually the stuff that is immediately relevant (but sometimes we forget the ‘important’ stuff too!). What will we remember from all the information we gather through our various senses today?


Lord, this a new day. It may or may not be a special day for us. We remember all those for whom it is special. Out of all the bits of information we encounter today help us to register and remember the things that are important. Be with those who struggle with memory loss (their own, or a close friend’s or loved one’s), and help us to be supportive too


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