Thought for the day 16 April


Where are you planning to go today, with your new found freedom to travel – or are you already half-way to Inverness, Aberdeen or Stranraer? Maybe you don’t have any plans to travel. One of the things about ‘freedom’ is that you don’t ‘have’ to use it all the time, but can choose when and where suits you. It’s only when it is taken away that we realise what ‘freedom’ means. Our freedom was curtailed for the benefit of us all, to protect us from a deadly virus. But there are many people in the world whose freedom is curtailed for different (political) reasons, and shows no sign of being restored soon. As we celebrate the easing of lockdown and look forward to using our freedom when suits us best, let’s remember those around the world who can see no hope for the easing of their restrictions (travel, expression, worship or whatever)


Lord, we appreciate the easing of some restrictions today, and the prospect of more changes to come in the next few weeks and months. Help us to appreciate what ‘freedom’ means and to use it wisely. Help us to remember those whose freedom is restricted for other reasons, and who see no imminent improvement. May they soon find that their freedom is restored too


PS photos are of the Jacobite and Hanoverian lines at Culloden (275 years ago today, when the weather wasn’t like this). The Jacobite flag is the ‘White Cockade’

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